Can Skipping Meals Really Help You Lose Weight?

We all relate our diet to the number of calories that we take in. Simply put, the more meals we have, the more calories we are going to consume, so an instant solution to losing weight is just reducing the number of meals you have on a daily basis. Now, it’s a popular belief that skipping meals can help you lose weight but we need to see whether it is a proven fact or just another food myth. Skipping meals doesn’t guarantee results because sometimes the meal that we skip is covered by twice the amount in the next meal. Science too has conflicting views on the short term and long term effects of skipping meals. We, therefore, are going to look at both sides of the coin and then reach a bottom line for this case.

The good

The whole regime of skipping meals is also sometimes referred to as “intermittent fasting.” Research and study say that it might just be beneficial to our health because some positive results have been seen in those individuals. Cases, where one follow the regime of skipping meals on alternative days, will experience a lower cholesterol level are better able to deal with their stress and the levels of antioxidants increases which is always good for the body. Such a study, therefore, recommends skipping a meal but with one very strong condition and that is to not overload your body with food on the very next day or the very next meal. If, however, you do this then the effect is going to be a reverse of the situation.

The bad

A very common practice of people who skip meals is that they consume twice the amount in a food sitting later in that day. This then does not help you in losing those calories, in fact, you end up consuming much more than you normally do. Also, the craving you feel in between your meals is the kind where you look for snacks that are high in sugar so that it energizes you. These foods are not at all good for your routine if you are aiming to lose weight. All of this can lead to some dangerous changes in your metabolic system because you are giving it drastic turns and shifts.

Bottom line

You may be attracted to try such diets because it certainly gives visible results, but those results are all short term because in the long term things get out of control.  There is a chance that you may develop problems like diabetes because your insulin response is delayed in such practices. Stopping yourself from eating the basic meals can lead to developing some unhealthy eating habits. Instead of depriving your stomach of the basic food energy it requires, pay more attention to the kind of food that you have in those three meals. Keep it healthy and natural so that you don’t have to worry about skipping any meal.